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Lauren Aiyana

Co-Founder of The Light Thread

Wholesome Life Coach, Holistic Practitioner 

Humanitarian, Artist, & Environmental Preservationist

Being a life coach and holistic educator means a lot to me. This path has been incredibly transformative and healing on a personal level and having many years of education, training, and experience there is nothing that brings me more joy than to help others and offer that same support. 

Working with clients is always based in deep intent, prayer,

heartfelt guidance, respect to that individual's own personal wisdom

and being an impeccable mirror and support system to that.

Each client comes to me with their own light. I am simply here as an assistant to help facilitate major growth, true peace, resolution, consciousness, alignment, and fulfillment of each one's potential and purpose.

Thank You, 

with care, 


Some Personal Passions

Spiritual Ecology & Conscious Environmentalism. (15 years)

Working together with Indigenous Communities world wide to support their voice being heard

Collaborative Culture Projects & Humanitarian Work

Personal Development and Self-Growth.

Working directly with my own soul and the divine for expansion and growth.

Helping support others in a substance free life.

Outdoor activities, gardening, hiking, and spending time in nature.

Certified Wholesome Conscious Living Coach

Certified Holistic Educator & Practitioner

Certified Ayurvedic Fundamentals Practitioner

Certified Chakra Balancing & Energetic Healing Practitioner

Licensed Massage Therapist (Licensed in NC 7219)

Certified Reiki levels 1 & 2 
Certified Holistic Herbalism level 1 

Credentials & Certifications

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